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iPhone VS Android: Which Phone to Buy ?

Strictly, the title should be named as iOS VS Andoird: Which One to Buy since they are both operating system for phones. But as we all know that there is only one choice for iOS phone, iPhone could be the representative.

war between iphone and android

When you come to the market and want to buy a smartphone, choosing one between iPhone and Android is a pretty demanding work. They are, to some extent, very similar to each other. As touch screen smartphone, they both can call, text, surf the Internet, watch videos, play games and so on. But if we take a dig into them, we will find many differences which will influence your experience in using them.

iphone vs androidDifferences on the surface

The differences talked here are those we can tell when we first see them or those we do not need to study a lot to find them out. And since Apple also enters the market of big-size smartphone, screen size will not be a difference to be talked about.

1. Choice

As stated above, you have only one choice for iPhone though several models (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, etc.) are available for selecting. However, many companies around the world manufacture Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy series, Google Nexus series, HTC, Sony and Xiaomi.

2. Price

iPhone is always aimed at the high-end market and its price therefore is relatively high. And Apple stops producing iPhone of previous models to maintain the high price of its latest one. Android is very different in this way. Android Manufactures offers phones at price of various level, high and low. Samsung sells phones of high price like Galaxy Note 4 and of low price like Galaxy Mega 5.8.

3. Design

Apple hires a professional team to design its products including iPhone. The chief designer Jonathan Ive of iPhone was elevated to Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) for "services to design and enterprise" in 2012, from which we can tell how wonderful the design of iPhone is. People are much likely conquered by the exquisite design of iPhone, whether in the surface or the apps.

Android phones are distinguished from each other in the aspect of design. We have pretty ones like HTC One M8 and not-that-pretty ones like Samsung who insists on using plastic case.

iphone vs androidDifferences Inside

The differences to be mentioned will be internal and technological.

1. OS Updating

We have already known the apparent difference in operating system between the two kinds of smartphone. What will be mentioned here is the updating of OS. If you have an iPhone, you can update it to the latest iOS as soon as a new version of iOS is released, which means you can get the newest features and have the bugs in the previous version fixed in time.

But if you have an Android phone, you will be delayed or never be updated to the latest Android system because Android makers are very slow to update their phone to Google's latest Android OS. For example, Google have issued Android 5.0 Lollipop on October 16th, 2014, but only Google's own new smartphone has carried this OS until now though Sony is said to come up in the near future.

2. Battery Life

iPhone used to be laughed at its bad battery which required charging almost every day. This situation has been largely improved in its latest iPhone models.

The story of Android is quite complex because their number and varied hardware used. But combining the advanced hardware with battery-intensive apps (including some in the background that the user doesn't necessarily know are there), Android maintain a rather long battery life which often lasts more than one day.

3. Apps

In the quantity of apps, Google Play has slightly more apps than Apple's App Store - around 1,500,000 vs. 1,3000,000. But Google emphasizes more on free apps which makes developers hard to have income from this. And the huge amount of Android phones adds the difficulty of apps developer to develop apps compatible with so many versions of Android. As a result, many key app developers turn to iOS as the platform for their debut. What's more, Apple is famous in the strict control over what apps it offers. Therefore, user can be free of worries in the possibilities of downloading malicious apps from Apple's App Store.

4. Devices continuity

As for Android, there are a larger amount of phones that belong to this catagory. Android phones have no strong continuity with other devices including those of their companies. And many Android makers like HTC, Sony and Xiaomi only produces phones for mobile devices.

Apple creates for itself a series of products: Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes Store, and Apple TV, which can all be controlled by the Same Apple ID if you have all of them. Besides, the newly released iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite are designed to enhance the continuity between them. You can take a call without reaching out for your iPhone on your Mac and pick up on your iPhone reading what you have left on your Mac.

Moreover, if you have often purchased or rented items, especially videos, in iTunes Store and want to bring them with you by transferring them to mobile devices, you would better choose iPhone because iTunes videos are protected by DRM and restricted to be played only on iOS devices, though Android dvices can also play iTunes videos if you convert them to other more compatible formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI and so on with Tools like M4VGear DRM Media Converter.

Mac Version and Windows Version of DRM Media Converter are both available to download.

iphone vs androidConclusion

This article just provides a detailed comparison between iPhone and Android in some aspects. Which phone to buy depends on what you care most at the time, the design or the price or something else.

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