Testimonial About M4VGear DRM Media Converter


makeuseof logoIf you need to remove DRM from your iTunes movies and TV shows, M4VGear gets the job done. It processes the conversions quickly, and it doesn’t diminish the quality of the video...
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softpedia logoM4VGear is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software developed to provide you with the ability of removing the DRM protection from your favorite movies and videos that you purchased...
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cultofmac logoM4VGear is a lossless converter, preserving 1080p HD resolution and retaining perfect 5.1 audio. Output videos from M4VGear also keep all your movies’ subtitles...
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software informer logoM4VGear proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to removing DRM protection from your M4V files. The app is very simple to handle, offers quality results...
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beebom logoLike most modern conversion utilities, M4VGear offers a bunch of conversion presets – settings that would make a converted video better suited for a particular platform or device. There’s a bunch of them in there, including Apple products like iPhones, iPads...
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ask dave taylor logoLet me highlight that M4VGear can retain all subtitles and multiple audio tracks if you prefer and that it’s a lossless conversion, so there’s no cost in quality or data from the conversion. Darn helpful, particularly if you’re....
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webadvices logoM4VGear is a piece of software for Windows or Mac that allows users to take their iTunes media out of Apple’s closed-off ecosystem. It’s very simple to use and you can change the file resolution and format if space is a concern and for those watching foreign cinema...
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wideinfo-logoIf you are finding a DRM remover for your iTunes videos, M4Vgear will be the best one to meet your needs. With its powerful function and simple interface, you will have a great experience over removing DRM from...
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goandroid logoM4VGear is the fastest DRM (Digital Rights Management) remover tool present on the web. It can process and remove DRM at 20X fast speed. It gives you a lot of features along with the simple User interface with ease of use...
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androidnectar logoM4Vgear has attained itself quite a name for itself for removing DRM (Digital Rights Management) to convert iTunes M4V video, TV shows, etc. into DRM free format with perfect output quality...
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tricks collections logoM4VGear is the best and most powerful DRM Remover I have ever found. It meets all my needs in removing DRM from iTunes videos...
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mytechlogy logoIt could be easily noted that the file emerging as a DRM-free MP4 from M4VGear conversion is almost as good as the original file from iTunes...
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TechGYD logoM4VGear DRM Media Converter is an awesome tool available for Windows and Mac operating system which lets you to easily and quickly convert DRM-Protected iTunes Movies To DRM-Free MP4...
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techtricksworld logoM4VGear DRM Media Converter is a robust software priced at $44.95 and many users have already relied on it. What’re you waiting for? Grab this lossless converter and enjoy seeing your favorite iTunes movies on any gadget with your family and friends...
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besttechie logoFrom there, it’s ridiculously easy to strip the DRM out of whatever video files you’ve downloaded from iTunes. That includes rentals, too...
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lerablog logoM4VGear is an innovative DRM media converter that uses a good DRM decrypting technique. This makes M4VGear the fastest DRM remover of the world...
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webadvices logoMeet M4VGear, a popular DRM removing software. Using this you can easily remove DRM protection from Apple iTunes videos and bypass all restrictions. M4VGear can decrypt DRM protection from iTunes M4V videos and convert it to unprotected MP4 format...
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Cult of Android logoM4VGear simply gets around these issues by converting iTunes-downloaded M4V to unprotected mp4 files, which you can watch on any of your non-Apple devices (Samsung Galaxy Note, Ascend Mate 7, Kindle Fire, etc)...
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gearfuse logoAmong all other DRM media converters, the M4VGear DRM media converter comes out on top for a number of reasons. First, as previously mentioned, it targets a larger number or users by offering versions...
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technocr logoBut, M4VGear is 20 times faster than all other software available in the market. It takes about 20 minutes to convert a two-hour iTunes movie. It works perfectly with the latest iTunes 12.9. They also have an excellent support system...
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techienews logoAlthough there are many DRM removal softwares available, we have come across M4VGear DRM Media Converter, which seems to be offering everything that one would need for iTunes DRM removal...
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megaleecher logoM4VGear is the fastest converter in the world and makes use of an innovative decrypting technique, making it capable of removing the DRM twenty times faster than other converters. There are many advantages of removing the DRM on a video file...
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technoven logoM4VGear software to remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection with 100% loss-less quality and then without wasting your enough time you can play iTunes files like TV shows, movies & music videos on non-apple devices also....
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User from MacUpdate:
macupdate logoThis is the best app for removing DRM from iTunes videos I have ever found. I have got many problems while using other software. Some were too slow. Some other cannot keep subtitles. M4VGear meets all my needs
User from Cnet:
cnet logoAppleScript can be used to control M4VGear. In other words, I do not struggle to find M4VGear to add m4v videos and convert. As long as I wrote commands to AppleScript, M4Vgear will add the video and convert automatically. I love this feature !
User from Softonic:
Softonic logoI've tried some kinds of converting product, and I feel only this program is relaitvely effective, it does convert fast and the steps to operate is really simple.
Asif Zubairy:
The program directly removes the DRM and exports the .m4v files without protections at an amazing speed. A 2-hour 1080P HD movie can be finished in 10 minutes!
Dale Hawley:
Again, absolutely excellent customer service from you - something you rarely find with email support in this day and age. Lightning fast response and very clear and helpful.
Jack Smith:
the uses for this tool can include personal use to remove the crippling limitations imposed by Apple, eg being able to play videos that you purchase from itunes on a samsung device. DRM has previously been found to be overreaching..
Just left a 5 Star review on cnet. Couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how quickly it processed the video. The final quality was perfect!
I tried your demo and it looks great! I've been debating going iTunes only for my future movie & TV purchases and m4vgear pretty much pushes me in that direction.
Your application has great potential and is exactly what I am looking for!
WOW this is fast! I like this one better than others. And the movies works at my phone too!
M4VGear works great – it processes movies very quickly and they play fine on my Mac.
You interface is great. I am impressed with ease of use. Kudos on that.
Very good app (fast!), and just what I'm looking for. A central feature for me is support for CC Closed Caption.
Works great! Took less than 3 minutes to convert a movie that other would have taken 2 hours to do. This software will certainly get my recommendations!
Vickie Clancy:
Thank you :). That worked great. Thank you very much for all your help. It's great when you get a product with actual support. I will definitely recommend this product to friends.
Ashly Bryson:
I wanted M4VGear so I can convert files from my iTunes account into videos I can watch on my Android devices. It works as what I want.
Dave Jenner:
Thank you :). I have been using the mac version for a few years now never and issue as you update and solve the problems quickly, thank you!
Caldas Campos:
I've just downloaded the trial version of your software and I am very excited with the possibility of watching the videos from iTunes on my Gear VR.