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M4VGear for Windows FAQs:

Q1. How to register M4VGear for Windows with registration code?

Q2. What can I do if the program shows "Registration Code Invalid"?

Q3. What should I do if iTunes crashes?

Q4. How to find the log file of M4VGear for Windows to send to Tech Support?

Q5. How to keep M4VGear work with iTunes 12.2 or later version?

Q6. M4VGear fails to recognize my iTunes downloaded from Windows 10 Store. What should I do?


M4VGear for Mac FAQs:

Q1. What's the difference between M4VGear and other DRM removal tools?

Q2. What can I do under the trial version?

Q3. I have received the code. How to register M4VGear?

Q4. What kind of video does M4VGear support? What output format can it export?

Q5. How to Install M4VGear on Mountain Lion or Mavericks?

Q6. Solution to Error Code 1000, 1002, 1003, 1004, and 1006

Q7. Solution to M4VGear fails to read iTunes library after updating iTunes to V12.2

Q8. M4VGear for Mac doesn't support macOS High Sierra 10.13, what should I do?

Q9. I encounter some problem that I can't find in FAQ. How can I get technical support?

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