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Netflix vs. Disney+

Netflix, one of the most famous online video streaming service providers, has a large number of users. It also has an extensive library of TV shows and movies, including some of the contents produced by Disney. In 2019, Disney launched its own online video streaming service named as Disney+ in the market for all the contents from Disney Company, including Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Netflix vs. Disney+

As Disney enters this video streaming service market, you might be confused about how to choose the video streaming services and providers. Here, we will compare Netflix and Disney+ in different aspects for you to choose the right service that fits your needs.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Price

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. By subscribing, you will be able to access all available titles on Disney+ without ads. In addition, Disney also provides an external option for Disney+ subscribers to upgrade their Disney+ subscription to a bundle at a monthly cost of $12.99, including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ online video streaming services. Please note that the services included in this bundle are the ad-supported Hulu version ($5.99) and the ESPN+ version ($4.99). Compared to ordering these three services separately, the bundle can help you save $5 a month.

Netflix costs from $9 to $16 per month, which differ in video quality and the number of screens you can use at the same time. Meanwhile, the video resolution varies for different Netflix plan. The basic plan only has SD resolution video quality, the standard plan has HD resolution video quality, and the premium plan has 4K resolution video quality. For instance, if you choose the premium plan, you have access to 4 screens plus one screen for kids, which means each screen costs $4 per month. Thus, the price of Disney+ and Netflix is similar if we compare the cost of them based on one screen.

However, the total cost of Netflix is higher than Disney+, and the premium plan of Netflix is even higher than the bundle package of Disney+, Hulu (ad-supported version), and ESPN +. Thus, Disney+ or the Disney+ bundle package costs less than Netflix.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Platforms

Disney+ App is available for iOS & Android mobile devices, Microsoft’s Xbox One & Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles, Roku TVs, Amazon Fire TV sticks, Android TV devices, and Vizio, Samsung & LG smart TVs. Of course, you can also use Disney+ video streaming services on a PC/laptop on web browsers. And, it also supports Chromecast devices and TVs with built-in Chromecast capability. You can watch videos via the Disney+ app and website on almost all the devices. The platforms that support to watch videos with Disney+ are enough for users.

The devices supported to play Netflix videos are even more than Disney+. Except for all the devices listed above, the Netflix app is also available on almost all series of smart TVs, Nintendo’s Wii U & 3DS, cable boxes, and Blu-ray players. As far as Netflix is available on more devices, Netflix is better than Disney+ on this aspect currently, although Disney+ could catch up in the future.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Availability

Netflix provides services to its members in over 190 countries, and the content is varied by location and will change from time to time. By contrast, Disney+ launched in the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand in 2019. They increase the number of countries up to 15 in June 2020, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and India. Compares to Netflix, Disney+ only valid in a small number of countries, even though Disney planned to launch Disney+ in Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, and the Nordics in September 2020 and Latin American in late 2020.

If you are not live in the countries that have Disney+, you might need to wait for it until 2021. Thus, Netflix is a winner in these aspects. You can use your Netflix account and enjoy videos from Netflix all over the world, except China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria. Netflix is much more convenient than Disney+ if you travel to other countries frequently.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Content library

If you are a fan of Disney videos, then Disney+ is the perfect choice for you. You can find almost all the videos from Disney, which you cannot see with other video streaming services. If you would like to watch different TV shows and movies, you need to choose Netflix. Netflix has a massive selection of older TV shows and movies, and a vast library of its original contents that is growing continuously. In general, Netflix has the right to over 13,000 titles worldwide, which differs in different regions. This is a huge library, and you could find a lot of exciting TV shows, and movies to watch, rather than Disney+’s quite a small library. However, if you only compare the library of the original contents, things are different. Since Disney+ adds the classic Disney Channel shows, new Star Wars live-action series, and seven live-action TV series set from Marvel in 2020. Besides, Disney+ will add more TV shows and movies to its library continuously.

Other features

Both Netflix and Disney+ online video streaming services are supporting to stream videos without ads and download videos for offline watching. Both of them also supports to stream TV shows and videos at 4K resolution, but you have to order the premium plan on Netflix. With Disney+, you can set up to 7 profiles with one account, but you can only have up to 5 profiles with a Netflix account.

Furthermore, both services have Kids mode. Disney+’s parental controls can help parents to keep their kids from watching content that’s out of their age group. Netflix‘s parental controls allow parents to restrict the content with their selection.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Which one is better?

Actually, there is not a real winner in this comparison. Netflix, one of the most popular video streaming services, has an extensive content library and produces original TV shows and movies continuously. It is an excellent service to choose; however, the price of Netflix’s plan is much higher than Disney+, even higher than the bundle package of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Plus, Disney+ only available in a limited number of countries, while Netflix allows you to watch videos almost in every country. But if you or your family members are loving to watch movies and TV shows from Disney, it’s hard to ignore Disney+.

You can also order Netflix and Disney+ at the same time or the bundle package of Disney+ if you have enough budget. Both Netflix and Disney+ are excellent video streaming services to own.

Tip: Download Netflix videos without Limits

Netflix gives the option to download Netflix videos for offline watching, but with some limitations. For instance, you can only watch the downloaded videos within its app, and you can get only a maximum of 100 titles for offline watching. There are other limitations for you to download Netflix videos and watch them offline. Today, we would like to share a tool for you to get rid of those limitations, which is Netflix Video Downloader.

Download Netflix videos via Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix Video Downloader is a professional tool, featured with a clear and concise interface, easy for users accurately and fast downloads of various Netflix videos. Furthermore, the Netflix Video Downloader supports downloading videos in HD resolution (up to 1080p) and keeping all subtitles and audio tracks of the original movies and TV shows.

The following detailed tutorial will show you how to download videos from Netflix through Netflix Video Downloader step-by-step.

Step 1Install and Launch Netflix Video Downloader

Click the ‘Download’ button (shown above) to download Netflix Video Downloader and install it on your laptop or PC. Then, launch the program.

Step 2Set Output Video Quality

Netflix Video Downloader supports getting video in HD quality, and you can click the Setting button on the upper right corner to set the output quality as High, or choose Medium or Low according to the storage space of your devices. Plus, the setting of customizing the Output path is also in this window.

Meanwhile, you can choose to download Netflix videos in MP4 or MKV format with audio track and subtitles in a specific language. You can also choose to save subtitles within the video file or as a single file.

Set Output Quality

Step 3Search Preference Videos or Paste Netflix Video URL to Downloader

You can type any keywords or the URL of the movies or TV shows that you want to download, and then press the 'Enter' button directly. The downloader will display all related videos.

Copy and Paste Netflix Video URL

Step 4Download Movies or TV Shows

Find the videos that you want to download and directly click the download icon of each title to start downloading.

Downloading Netflix Videos

Extra TipsAdvanced Download

Netflix Video Downloader added advanced download settings that enable you to select the audio track and subtitle as needed. You can decide to download the audio track(s) and subtitle(s) in specific language(s). Besides, you can specify the video quality of the downloaded videos in resolution (480p, 720p, or 1080p).

For TV Shows: Please click on the download icon, and you will find the ‘Advanced Download’ button in the bottom left corner. Please click on the button to open the window.

For Movies: Please click on the Advanced Download icon Advanced Download icon beside the download icon to open the window.

Advanced Download setting

Step 5Check Downloaded History

You can check the download history in Library, which will show all videos you downloaded recently.

View history

Now, you can find the Netflix videos downloaded and saved in your computer as MP4 files by clicking on the ‘folder’ sign. You can keep all of the downloaded Netflix videos on your devices without limitation.

Netflix Video Downloader is the best tool for you to download Netflix videos. You can download and transfer Netflix videos to all your devices and enjoy them at any time and anywhere.

Note: The free trial version of Netflix Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 5 minutes of each video. To download the whole Netflix videos, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

Video Tutorial: Easy Guide to Download Netflix Videos

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